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Thrive 脆樂芙 – 90% 雞肉、火雞全貓糧 1.5kg

PremiumPlus Chicken with Turkey is made using 90% chicken and turkey; an exceptionally high meat content for dry cat food. It’s the perfect balance of easily digestible high quality chicken and turkey with sweet potato and potato, resulting in a very low carbohydrate content (9.5%). We’ve added high-quality salmon oil to provide omega-6 (4.5%) and omega-3 (0.7%) oils, resulting in an irristible complete food that offers all the vitamins, mineral and taurine your cat needs.   Composition Dried chicken (52%), dried turkey (13%), freshly prepared chicken (13%), chicken fat (6%), potato, sweet potato, freshly prepared turkey (4%), chicken gravy (3%), minerals, vitamins, salmon oil.

Thrive 脆樂芙 – 70% 三文魚、希靈魚全貓糧 1.5kg

Thrive PremiumPlus 無穀物三文魚希靈魚全貓糧 超過70%的三文魚和希靈魚製成,也含有歐米茄-3和-6脂肪酸高的水平(5.6%)。它採用高品質的鮭魚和希靈魚,易消化的紅薯和土豆,豌豆纖維和必需脂肪酸及歐米茄-3和-6的完美平衡,它包含了所有的維生素,礦物質和牛磺酸你的貓的食物的必需品。
Dried salmon meat (26%), dried herring meat (20%), fresh salmon (17%), sweet potato, potato, salmon oil (6%), salmon gravy (2%), pea fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Thrive 脆樂芙 – 90% 鮮雞肉全貓糧 1.5kg

Thrive PremiumPlus 無穀物雞肉全貓糧  90%的雞肉製成,PremiumPlus™無穀物雞肉全貓糧最高的肉類含量。它採用高品質的雞肉,易消化的紅薯和土豆,及歐米茄-3和-6的完美平衡,它包含了所有的維生素,礦物質和牛磺酸你的貓的食物的必需品。
Ingredients 成分脫水雞肉(64.5%),鮮雞肉(16.5%),雞脂肪(6%),紅薯,土豆,雞肉肉汁(3%),維生素和礦物質,三文魚油。
  • 粗蛋白52%
  • 粗油脂22%
  • 粗纖維1.5%
  • 粗灰分11%
  • ω-6脂肪酸3.9%
  • ω-3脂肪酸0.7%
  • 鈣2.5%
  • 磷1.8%