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Thrive 脆樂芙 – 頂級冷凍脫水雞肉 (珍寶裝) 200g

Only the finest Chicken Breast fillet is used in these treats. The chicken is cut into small cubes and freeze-dried to retain all the nutrients and enhance the natural delicious flavours. There is no added sugar in Thrive treats!
Chicken 100%
Analytical Constituents Crude protein 84.7%, Crude fibre 0.2%, Crude oil & fat 4.1%, Crude ash 5.9%

Thrive 脆樂芙 – 頂級冷凍脫水深海海蝦 (珍寶裝) 110g

Thrive 冷凍脫水海蝦珍寶裝貓咪小食 180g (100% 野生海蝦) 濃郁魚香,啖啖滿足 來自英國北海(North Sea)的優質海產。 Thrive 愛海洋、護海產,堅持以人手竿釣(Line and Pole)的原則,不濫捕其他海洋生物或過度捕魚。 即使是最挑剔的貓貓,Thrive絕對是最健康及好味的選擇。 Thrive 真空冷凍脫水技術 – 絶對保留原有色、香、味。